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Please join the partner after leading our policy as follow.

Our Policy

Since 1994, Digital Hollywood has focused on digital communication in connection with business. We established the first graduate school and four-year university that is run by a corporation and also established the first educational-industrial multi-media school in Japan. We have placed 55,000* students,creators in various digital contents companies . Digital Hollywood is one of the best digital contents educational institutions in Japan. At Digital Hollywood, strong emphasis is placed on producing creators and content that utilizes traditional Japanese experience. Thailand is in the middle of economic growth, and it is in a similar position to where Japan was in the digital contents business between 1990 and 2000.

It is exactly the same situation that occurred in Japan years ago; Thus, creating ties with Digital Hollywood will bring a positive industrial-economic effect to Thailand.

We will use our educational-industrial experience to produce people that contribute to the digital contents industry in Thailand. We aim to be a major educational institution that produces people who lead the digital contents industry in Thailand.

In conclusion, Digital Hollywood will be a leader of the educational industry in ASEAN and Thailand to produce world-class creators.

Activites in Thailand

We established a creators school on January 2013 .in Bangkok There, the creator accepted in the world from Thailand is raised through an educational method of Japan.

A creator is the one who doesn’t only create, but the power of planning things that is widely needed for a view in an entertainment community or a society as a whole.

In the entertainment industry of Thailand which will progress increasingly from now on, we matched the demand. We would like to perform talented-people education. Therefore, we will lead the industry until now and would like you to join the advisory board by all means.

We will produce a large number of talented people in the same style from 18 years before in Japan, and there is a track record to which activity of the industry is carried out.

Digital Hollywood Partners

Digital Hollywood Partners is established in 2002 in Japan. We had a step forward to accomplish our goal.and found a collaboration with the company that can create the future to the world.

Many companies and Digital Hollywood are co-provison four contents to each other on DigitalHollywood Partners. Recruiting, co-produce a educational Curriculum, internship and On-the-job-training, and event co-produced.

You can share the request about human resource skill lebel for DigitalHollywood, Digital Hollywood can create the NEXT Curriculum.

Merits for Partners

If your company is alliance with Digital Hollywood Partners, you can get these merits.

  1. Privided recruitment opportunities of professional level creators
    You can join the recruitment events at DigitalHollywood in Thailand.
  2. Making collaborations of human resource development
    You can do a joint project for the development of human resources, a co-produced educational curriculum, internship and On the job training, and event co-produced with Digital Hollywood.
  3. PR
    Promoted your company and logo at Digital Hollywood Parners.
  4. Other
    When your company wants to use staffs training at Digital Hollywood, your company will get the special discount price. And also for recruiting.
Become a member

If you are alliance with Digital Hollywood Partners Please give your agreement under below

Admission is free of cost. as a long time member with no limit. The enrollment and withdrawal procedures, submission of application form is required.

  1. Attendant
    Register your company attendant person to our this project members
  2. Reserch
    Interview,survey for educational-industrial
  3. PR
    PR ,your company logo on Our website and brochure

*In addition, the Digital Hollywood Partners aims to contribute to the further development of the content industry and economic activity, public and industry associations.

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